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Metro Atlanta Relationship Counseling

Being in a relationship is often one of the most fulfilling and important experiences in a person’s life, but it can also be one of the most exhausting and challenging. At CNSL, we provide services for relationship counseling for couples throughout Georgia. At CNSL, our services can help you and your partner improve communication and feelings of safety and trust in your relationship through committed and intentional growth together. Reach out to our professionals today to learn more and get started.

Why Seek Services for Relationship Counseling?

There are numerous reasons why couples choose to seek relationship counseling services. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Communication issues. Sometimes, couples love each other deeply and are committed to the relationship but are struggling to communicate with one another, leading to feelings of sadness, frustration, resentfulness, or even boredom. By learning to communicate with your partner more effectively, you can be better prepared to address and resolve any current or future issues that may impact your relationship.
  • Trust issues. Trust issues can crop up in many ways in intimate relationships, from having an affair to simply using a mean tone time and time again with a partner. If you don’t feel safe in your relationship and don’t have a deep sense of trust in your partner, there will be unhappiness.
  • Infidelity. Having an affair can be extremely damaging to a monogamous relationship. If you or your partner have been unfaithful, your relationship may need the help of a professional to be able to move forward in a healthy way. 
  • Parenting support. Being a parent is one of the most challenging things that you’ll ever do. You and your partner may be struggling with collaborative parenting, or your relationship may be stressed by the challenges you’re collectively facing as parents.  
  • Premarital counseling. For many couples, seeking therapy before getting married or moving in together is a great way to learn strategies for good communication before a wedding or big life commitment takes place. 
  • Sex. Intimacy can be very difficult for many couples to navigate, and nearly all couples will face questions about what is a “healthy” sex life at some point during their relationship. When it comes to sex, communication is paramount. A therapist can help you to navigate conversations around sex, which can be uncomfortable or embarrassing.

How Our Therapists at CNSL Can Help

If you and your partner are thinking about seeking services for relationship counseling, working with an experienced professional is important. When you come to therapy, it’s critical that you understand what you want to get out of the therapy session and why you’re attending. It’s also important that you understand that while therapy is a great start, working on your relationship will require focus, commitment, and real work and time outside of your therapist’s office too. 

The issues impacting your relationship will determine the types of counseling that are most likely to help. Talk therapy is usually recommended, but one or both partners may also need to develop skills for addressing issues like ADHD, anxiety, or substance abuse that could be negatively impacting the relationship.

Call CNSL Today

To learn more about our relationship counseling services, including services for LGBTQ+ couples, reach out to us by phone or online today. We will be happy to discuss how our counselors and psychiatrists can help you build a stronger relationship. Scheduling an appointment is one of the first steps you can take toward improving your well-being together.

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