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Metro Atlanta Medication Management

When a patient is prescribed medications, it is essential that those medications are properly managed. Mismanagement of medication can be dangerous for the patient’s health and well-being. Reach out to our professionals today for the help you need for yourself or a loved one. 

What Is Medication Management?

Medication management is the process of overseeing any and all medications that are prescribed to a patient to make sure that the patient takes the medication properly. Conducting ongoing medication reviews is also critical to ensuring that any medications a patient is taking align with their planned goals and outcomes. 

Tips for Medication Management

Medication management begins with ensuring that patient care is the number one priority. With that in mind, some tips for medication management include:

  • Always make sure a medical professional is leading care. The most important aspect of medication management is to make sure that a medical professional is responsible for managing care and prescriptions. Psychiatrists and pharmacists work together to ensure that best practices and all medical guidelines are followed. 
  • Make sure patients know how to take medication safely. Another key element of medication management is to make sure that patients have the education they need to safely take their medication.
  • Closely monitor a patient’s side effects. Medications may have many side effects. When side effects aren’t properly tracked, a patient or a provider may think that a side effect is not related to the medication, and as such, may prescribe another medication to treat the side effects when simply removing or reducing the medication in the patient’s schedule may be a better choice.
  • Talk with patients. For medical professionals, talking with a patient at every visit about the medication they’re taking and why they’re taking it is important. Communication around medication is of the utmost importance. Patients should receive education about why they should never stop taking their medications on their own, proper storage of medications, safe administration of medications, and whether or not medications can be taken in combination with other drugs or substances. 

How Your Psychiatrist Can Help with Medication Management

For patients, working with a psychiatrist for medication management services is an important component of safety and well-being. A psychiatrist can prescribe medication but can also help a patient to monitor a medication’s side effects and interactions with other medications. A psychiatrist will also help a patient determine whether the medication is having the intended effect and will provide ongoing assessments that prioritize the patient’s health and well-being. 

What Types of Medication Can a Psychiatrist Prescribe?

Unlike other mental health professionals, a psychiatrist has the ability to prescribe medication. Types of conditions that a psychiatrist may prescribe medication to treat include:

Call CNSL to Meet with a Psychiatrist Today

If you are a patient who needs or is on medication for mental health reasons and could benefit from medication management services, reach out to our skilled and experienced psychiatrists at CNSL today. We are here to provide the services you need.

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