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Metro Atlanta Marriage Counseling

Finding a person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life is extremely special. The person you marry will likely be your best friend and partner in all things moving forward. But as wonderful as marriage is, it is also challenging and, sometimes, very difficult. If you and your partner could use some extra support, marriage counseling with a therapist at CNSL may be the answer to strengthening your relationship. Call today to learn more about our services and get the help you need.

Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling

Couples often seek marriage counseling when they want to improve communication and trust in their relationship. Couples may also seek marriage counseling if the relationship has faced a very difficult or traumatic event, such as one party having an extramarital affair or the loss of a loved one. A few reasons to consider seeking marriage counseling include:

  • Recurring issues and conflict. It’s very common for couples to keep having the same fight—or a version of the same fight—because they don’t ever get to the heart of the problem and resolve it. Sometimes, this is because they don’t know what the problem is; sometimes, it’s because talking about it is too sensitive. A therapist can help spouses discover and address issues that may be causing tension in their relationship. 
  • Incompatible sex drives. Another common reason that couples seek counseling is that their sex drives are no longer compatible—one person in the relationship may desire sex more frequently or want their sexual life to look different while the other person is content. Or, both parties may be discontent. Sex can be a very difficult thing to talk about, which is why working with a therapist is strongly recommended. 
  • Conflict about finances. Money is a common reason that couples fight. If you are fighting about money, improving your communication skills is key. Working with a therapist can help you learn how to talk with your spouse about this and other issues. 
  • Issues with children or parenting. Being a parent can be a difficult experience, and there’s no doubt that issues with the kids can lead to issues in the marriage, especially if parents are in disagreement about how to parent. An imbalance in parental responsibilities can also be a common source of disagreements.
  • Lack of “spark.” After years together, many couples feel as though there’s no “spark.” If your relationship could use a little sprucing up, marriage counseling may be exactly the fire that it needs. 

Call Our Marriage Counselors Today

Working with a marriage counselor is an important step towards improving your marriage or making a determination about the fate of your relationship. Whether you want to revive your marriage or just learn better communication skills, working with a marriage counselor can help. At CNSL, our services for marriage counseling provide the structure that tough conversations need, and the support that you need to feel safe as you talk to your spouse about difficult topics. 

Our therapists have years of experience and a reputation for excellence. We work with couples and families of all shapes and backgrounds, including LGBTQ+ couples, to build and maintain healthier relationships. To learn more about our patient-centric therapy services, call us for marriage counseling services today. You can reach us online or by phone today.

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