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Anger is a very powerful emotion. When it’s not properly managed, it can be disruptive, hurtful, and even lead to problems with the law in serious cases. At CNSL, we know that if you are struggling with anger issues, getting help is a key part of your success as an individual, a partner, a family member, an employee, and a productive member of society. Reach out to our therapists today for professional, compassionate help with anger management.

Signs of Anger Issues

The first step in addressing anger issues is often determining whether or not you need anger management therapy. Signs that you may have anger issues include:

  • Feeling like your anger is out of control
  • Feeling regretful after you’ve done something out of anger
  • Feeling very frustrated and angry over small and petty things
  • Causing harm to others physically or emotionally
  • Causing damage to property when angry
  • Being unable to let go of grudges
  • Being guided by your anger in decision making

What Is Anger Management Therapy? 

Whether you have been told that you have anger issues, have any of the symptoms of anger issues above, or have been ordered by a court to participate in anger management treatment, therapy can be a great first step in taking control of your emotions. Anger management therapy might include a variety of treatment techniques, including:

  • Relaxation—When a person feels anger, they may have an emotional response that is also very physical. Relaxation techniques, like deep breathing, can be used to calm the body.
  • Cognitive therapy—This involves challenging the patient’s existing perceptions and thoughts to help them manage responses to situations that may be triggering.
  • Skill development—Developing skills to respond to angering events appropriately is a key part of managing anger effectively and productively.

In some cases, anger issues may stem from events that happened in the past and may have led to existing trauma. A therapist can also help a person work through these past events and their current feelings and emotions surrounding them. A therapist can also help identify healthy and unhealthy behaviors, relationships, and lifestyle choices that may be interrupting efforts at effectively managing anger.

Benefits of Anger Management 

Seeking anger management therapy can have many benefits. Some of the key benefits of learning how to manage your anger in a way that’s healthy and productive include:

  • Improved personal and professional relationships
  • Improved performance in the workplace
  • Less stress
  • Greater sense of self-control and personal empowerment
  • Higher quality of life
  • Improved physical and emotional health

Call CNSL for Anger Management Services 

At CNSL, we know how important learning to manage your anger can be to your personal success. We help our patients grow and thrive by assisting them in developing healthy responses to their emotions, including anger. To learn more about anger management services from our therapists, reach out to us by phone or online today. We are here to support you when you need it most.

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