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Bonita (Bonnie) <strong>Klopach</strong>
Bonita (Bonnie) Klopach BS Ed, LCSW


You have everything within yourself to become who you were born to be. Bonnie works with clients of all ages who are ready to make a positive and sustainable change in their lives. She will help you fulfill your purpose by discovering your natural strengths so, as stated by Matthew Kelly, you can “become the best version of yourself.” Because Bonnie believes a client’s support network plays an integral part in sustaining a stable lifestyle, she encourages creating and maintaining positive relationships with friends and family.

Bonnie provides a broad range of services to help individuals become aware of their feelings toward different people and life circumstances. If you are negatively affected by depression, high levels of anxiety, and/or difficult relationships, she can teach skills that will affect positive change for you.

Bonnie has considerable experience with families who are affected by a member with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. She has worked extensively within the public school system. She is strongly committed to assisting and providing information, education, and support necessary for the successful and productive life of any individual. Bonnie is a Certified Autplay Therapy Provider and has undergone extensive training and consultation directly with Dr. Robert Jason Grant, the developer of Autplay Therapy. Autplay is an integrative family play therapy approach for working with children and parents affected by autism and other developmental disorders. She has her Masters in Social Work from Kennesaw State University. Bonnie’s focus areas include counseling for children, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, behavior modification, trauma and grief in children and parenting skills.

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