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For patients who use medication to manage mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, ensuring that the medication is properly managed is a critical part of a psychiatrist’s responsibility. At CNSL, our psychiatrists practice medication management Alpharetta that is aligned with best practices and meets medical standards. To learn more about medication management and our therapists, please reach out to us today.

What Is Medication Management?

Medication management is the psychiatrist-led process of monitoring a patient’s medications to observe for side effects, effectiveness, and interaction with other medications. 

Medication management begins when a patient first sees a psychiatrist. At this time, the psychiatrist will conduct an assessment and learn about the patient’s medical history. If the patient is on medication, this should be documented; if the patient is not on medication, the psychiatrist can make a determination about whether medication is a viable treatment option based on the patient’s health history.

If medication is prescribed as part of the patient’s treatment plan, it will likely be for a trial period, during which time the psychiatrist will be responsible for monitoring effectiveness. Common side effects from psychiatric medications can include problems sleeping, nausea, irritability, and more. 

Why Is Medication Management So Important?

Working with a therapist who understands and practices medication management is critical if you will be taking any medications for mental health treatment. A psychiatrist is responsible for ensuring that your condition is accurately diagnosed and that the medication prescribed is reasonable based on that diagnosis. Because different people respond to medications in different ways, medication management is a huge part of patient safety and wellbeing. If medication is prescribed without understanding what other medications the patient is currently taking and any potential side effects of taking these medications in combination, this could be very dangerous for the patient. If the patient has a negative reaction to the medication, this could also be dangerous. Finally, if the medication isn’t having the intended effect, this also requires further consideration and potential adjustment. 

Medication Management Alongside Psychotherapy

Something that’s very important to consider is that medication may be prescribed, but is often most effective in combination with psychotherapy—also called talk therapy. Indeed, in many cases, psychotherapy may be recommended before medication is even introduced in a patient’s treatment regimen. 

Medication management is about what’s best for the patient. In addition to ensuring that a patient’s physical health is in good care, medication management is also about making sure a patient feels safe, secure, and comfortable with the medication they’re using. Taking medication can feel intimidating and even shameful; when you work with a professional who is supporting you along the way, you’ll know you’re not alone.

Call CNSL Today for Medication Management

For medication management Alpharetta, call CNSL directly today. Our experienced psychiatrists provide medication management services that are trusted and reliable. Reach out by phone or online today to get started. We are accepting new patients.

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