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Mental health is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. Unfortunately, without addressing mental wellness to ensure that you are living with emotional safety, it’s easy to get carried away in the stressful aspects of life. If you want to develop techniques to improve your mental well-being or are struggling emotionally or socially, talking to a licensed Alpharetta counselor may benefit you. A counselor at CNSL will guide you to develop skills to help manage and improve your mental health, which could lead to a more positive life.

Techniques that an Alpharetta Counselor May Use

Depending on what you want to work on with a counselor, they may utilize various techniques to guide you to improved mental wellness. Common therapeutic forms include cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy.

–         Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy, also referred to as CBT, is a common therapeutic technique to encourage introspection. This means that an Alpharetta counselor will guide you to think about and understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors effectively. When these are recognized, the next step is replacing these negative feelings with positive ones and how to change future behaviors to prevent similar problems in the long term.

–         Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

As the name suggests, acceptance and commitment therapy, or ACT, is used to accept and move on. In other words, it encourages emotional and mental flexibility and plasticity so that a person feels more comfortable accepting what has happened or will happen in their life and moving forward from these potentially harmful experiences. The commitment step refers to finding ways to stick to future goals and improve your life.

–         Dialectical Behavior Therapy

 Dialectical behavioral therapy, or DBT, is a type of talk therapy that allows people to address their emotions and how they play a role in their mental wellness. This adapted form of cognitive behavioral therapy is intended to enable clients to work through deep-founded emotions. In this treatment, people may learn to accept the reality of their behaviors and how to avoid unhelpful reactions.

In your first session with an Alpharetta counselor, your therapist will help determine which therapeutic treatment you could benefit from. Then, throughout your sessions, your counselor can re-address your therapy form if it is not working appropriately.

 Choosing a Counselor

It’s important to seek a counselor that makes you feel comfortable and welcome. The goal of an Alpharetta counselor is to help your mental wellness, which often requires trusting the person you are working with to guide you in your growth. So, be sure to choose a counselor that makes you feel supported. At CNSL, all our counselors are expertly trained and treat every patient with the highest level of care and compassion. 

Work With an Alpharetta Counselor Today

Taking the first few steps toward mental recovery is difficult. Find support with an Alpharetta counselor. The clinicians at CNSL are always here to support you and guide you toward mental wellness. To speak with one of our counselors about how we can best help you, contact us today.

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